Nine pounds in an eight-pound bag

The Los Angeles Times has launched its new look. According to their email to registered users, this is “the first stage of a year-long initiative to improve and expand the newspaper’s Internet offerings, with a special emphasis on utility for Southern Californians.”

The year-long initiative will include continuous improvements to and For instance, visitors to will now find a wider, cleaner home page that includes “Pacific Time,” a prominent home for Times stories that take the pulse of Southern California. The home page is also a one-stop online guide to all Los Angeles Times news, features and classifieds sections and content.
The inside pages follow a format that I like, but overall, it’s just more of the same, literally. I just can’t support the portal model anymore, because it’s simply cramming nine pounds (or more) into an eight-pound bag! They’ve widened the page, but it doesn’t make it “cleaner.” All they’ve done is use that new real estate to pack more into the home page. Augh!!

Nice try.

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