Nice game, but who cares?

Nice game, but who cares?
It turned out to be a good game, but nobody’s saying much about it today. The big news is that the FCC has launched an immediate investigation into the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake business with her bare right breast. I won’t add my 2 cents to the cacophony about morals, whether it was planned (it was), or the nipple jewelry, but would like to say this. The superbowl surpasses even World Cup soccer in terms of one-time, international audience, and you have to ask yourself this. Did the MTV halftime show in its entirety fairly represent our culture, that which we want the world to see? And how does that affect our ability to interact with allies and otherwise? Hmm.

Before the game, I ran into a neighbor in the parking lot and asked who he was rooting for. “I don’t care,” was his response. “I just want to watch the commercials.” Well, there ya go, I thought. The superbowl is the one time of the year people actually TiVo the commercials! Frankly, I thought most failed to live up to the hype, but I did chuckle at the smooth-talking chimp and the donkey.

On the game itself, CBS needs to find a different announcing team. One should not have the play-by-play team put them to sleep during the superbowl.

‘Nuff said.

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