Newsweek discovers OhmyNews!

MSNBC/Newsweek Online has a nice article today on OhmyNews!, the South Korean news experiment that is defining participatory journalism for many. Here’s an excerpt:

Critics from traditional news publishers in Korea charge that OhmyNews confuses message board posting with news, and that getting to the truth in any story requires painstaking reporting and editing by trained professionals. But OhmyNews’s audience—primarily in their 20s and 30s—may not agree. When some Yonsei University students recently met with a visiting reporter to discuss the future of news, one psychology major put it simply: “How can you ever get truth from one source? The Internet allows us to check multiple sources, to explore message-board postings, to debate issues with others—that is the only way to find truth. And besides, what good is information if you can’t react to it?” “We’re not stupid,” added a business student. “We know that there is a difference between a message board, a traditional journal and OhmyNews. But by putting them together, our understanding is better. We can piece together truth.”

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