Newspapers streaming video, chapter 3,672

This one should make TV news people shiver. The Knoxville News Sentinel is using little Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 cameras ($300) to make videos for its Website. Take a look at this one shot at, of all places, a shooting range.

Firstly, this is not even a “real” video camera, or is it? Granted, it’s not broadcast quality video, but it works just fine in a smaller, online resolution. And what will it be like five years from now? The point is people in the industry are bitching about what my clients are doing in Nashville with the VJ concept of newsgathering, when a newspaper (probably more than one) is putting simple pieces like this online with what looks like a still camera.

Secondly, let me repeat what I’ve said a million times. The local newspaper is beginning to compete with television stations (and lots of everyday folks) for the video news niche in your market. TV executives simply cannot overlook what’s happening here.

(Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, who uses the same kind of camera.)


  1. Mark Hamilton says

    I find this encouraging because it seems to be the realization of the early possibilities of convergence journalism without the need for media companies to partner. If individual companies and media are building on and adding to their individual strengths, we’re going to see a much more vibrant and diverse media than converged companies ever gave us.

  2. Howard Owens says

    This video

    was shot with a Sony Handycam

    This video:

    was shot with an $85 mini DV cam.

    At the star, we have three of each as well as too higher end cameras. Go to for a complete archive of video we shoot. We have a full-time staff who’s primary job is to shot and edit video.

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