Newspapers and video

My strongest warning for broadcasters
I’ve been saying this for a long time. Your future enemy is not your television competitor across the street, it’s your local newspaper. Incoming Associated Press chief, Tom Curley, says the A.P. will be working hard to turn newspapers into broadcasters by providing video for them to use online. “It’s not my decision,” Curley said. “It’s a marketplace reality. I’ve heard from publishers of 30,000-circulation newspapers who believe they have to have video for their Websites. That’s an indication of a profound change.” Video News On Demand (VNOD) will be the way people get their video news in a Postmodern world. The news war of the 21st century is online, and TV stations who’re content to provide text-only news services to their constituencies are giving up ground to smart print counterparts, who’re more experienced with the Web and see where it’s really going.

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