Newsgathering via cellphone

Newsgathering via cellphone.
In the world of television news gathering, the drift towards smaller continues, and this is important, because the 2‑person crew is moving towards the tar pits. I’m a heretic, I know, but European newsrooms are rapidly adopting Michael Rosenblum’s “videojournalist” (VJ) concept, wherein everybody in the shop is a reporter.

The convergence in this space that has the most disruptive potential is in the world of mobile phones, where Europe and Asia are far ahead of the U.S., thanks to the proliferation of third-generation (3G) phones. You may think it silly, but the day is coming when both newspaper and TV station reporters will gather news via 3G phones. Siemens and Nokia are both coming out with megapixel camera phones, and Siemens’ new M65 (pictured here) is designed for rugged outdoor media use. It generates 640x480 video.

All the really cool developments in mobile phones are outside the U.S. For example, Sony has joined with other makers to provide streaming music for phones in Finland and other European countries. In addition to the lack of 3G service in the U.S. (the bandwidth is currently used by analog TV), the phone companies of these other countries offer something called “Calling Party Pays” (CPP). That’s why they can provide services like streaming music. We’re so 20th century in some ways, but I have to believe we’ll catch up.

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