News is a Process, Not a Finished Product

Here is the latest in the on-going series of essays, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

This piece examines a new working definition of news in the current marketplace and how media companies can (and should) adopt it as a central component of their Web content strategy. I believe we will see much of the traditional world shift to this model over the next 18 months, because it makes so much sense for the world of the Web. News-as-a-finished-product is the model for everything from the morning paper to the 6 o’clock news, and it is the model that’s broken by the disintermediation and unbundling of news and information. So what is evolving to take its place?

You don’t have to like their content to appreciate the work that is doing to evolve the new model, and this essay contains portions of an interview with Bob Mohler, Executive in Charge, New Media, Telepictures Productions and one of the creators of I also reach inside the mind of the inimitable Doc Searls for his wisdom on the topic, and I think you’ll find it memorable.

The new model offers new value propositions for both users and advertisers, which is a big reason why I believe it will be successful.

News is a Process, Not a Finished Product


  1. How does a site like fit into your model? Bic

  2. Bic,

    Hotair looks like a lot of fun. I’d like to see a little more content instead of purely links. Links are an irritant, don’t you think? But then, this may not think of itself as a content site, only an aggregator of links, in which case it follows the model.



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