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The folks at Microsoft have released another update of the beta for IE7. I haven’t downloaded it yet (Call me a nut, but I’m confused as to why I have to delete my existing IE7 before installing the new one). Rich Ziade at notes that this might be the thing that finally boosts RSS:

…the RSS functionality is “feature complete.” I’ve mentioned this before. This may finally be the application that thrusts RSS into mainstream use. While there are other more full-featured installable apps out there (FeedDemon being the best of the bunch), we can’t underestimate the power of not having to install anything for a huge portion of the user population. I’m still not entirely convinced that it’ll catch fire like it should. The “real need” isn’t that clearly visible just yet.
BONUS: Marshall Kirkpatrick at TechCrunch offers an excellent overview of Newsgator and Feedburner plans for RSS in the future.

The W3C has finally issued its Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, which are the “official” basic guidelines for how to develop web applications for the huge mobile market. One must assume that this will spawn further development in the space, so we all need to be ready.

Lost remote references a Wall St. Journal report that Comcast’s purchase of The Platform is leading to the creation of a video portal that will enable its cable subscribers to route video from the PC to their TV sets. The Journal suggests that the story is Comcast upping the ante on competing with other cable companies, and I don’t doubt that. But of supreme importance to me is what this does, again, to local affiliates. While it’s an opportunity for stations to provide unbundled content (and one hopes it will have marketing attached), it pushes them further into the content-creator-only corner. Stations need themselves to get into the aggregator business, but I’ve said that a few times before.


  1. Terry, I installed IE7B3 last evening. Yes, it is necessary to uninstall IE7B2 first. This restores IE6 after a reboot. You can then install IE7B3. On my machine the whole operation went very smooth. When unistalling you might see a list of software it says may not work (anything installed after IE7B2) but I didn’t experience any apps that failed to work.

  2. I also switched from beta 2 to beta 3 w/o headaches. However, the RSS feeds are acting up a little bit. Some don’t update according to the 15-minute intervals I set up. Also, they feeds stay bold until I click on them a second time — very annoying.

  3. Mozilla and Firefox have had feed aggregators integrated in them for several releases now. I find the internal “Live Bookmarks” functionality to be very good, although I like using a RSS extension known as Sage.

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