New York Times blog strategy?

In extended coverage of the New York Times acquisition of in today’s Paid Content, Rafat Ali makes an interesting observation:

It will be very interesting to see how they execute on the integration of and The phrase “adding an alternate model of content creation and aggregation” is a peculiar way to put it, but it denotes blogs and the whole blog media world, so to speak. In short, this is NYT’s blog strategy, on the editorial side. Whether they want to characterize it as such, that I doubt…
Personally, I’ve always had doubts about About. It’s a nice idea, but it always was so bloody hit or miss that I seldom found useful information. Moreover, the company’s obsession with pop-ups and its cookie-cutter look were a turn-off. It’ll be interesting to see what the Times does with it. I can see Rafat’s point. Stay tuned.

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