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The brilliant minds at Serious Magic have officially released Vlog It, a $49 piece of software that’ll turn your computer into a TV station. These are the same folks who brought us the higher end “Visual Communicator” and that staple yesterday, Video Toaster (remember Garth’s T‑shirt from “Wayne’s World?”).

I predict this simple product will revolutionize Vlogs by making it easy for anybody to create real time production for television. Go to the Vlog It site and play the demo. You’ll be absolutely amazed. I am, and I’m an old TV guy! Here’s a portion of the press release:

“Text blogs have given people a great way to share their personal thoughts, opinions and news with others online,” said Mark Randall, president and Chief Magician of Serious Magic, a leading developer of next-generation video software and communications tools for business, consumer, educational and professional markets. “Vlog It adds a new dimension by letting bloggers share sights and sounds- instead of just text — with audiences.”
I spoke with Mark yesterday, and he referenced a quote he wrote in 1994 for a brochure that was distributed at NAB:
“Some day, your favorite television show will be made by you or someone you know.”
This was a highly prophetic quote, because that’s exactly where things are drifting. Doc Searls wrote last week:
…the best looking source video will be produced by the same people who own the screens. Sony’s HD cameras make very pretty pictures, at 1080i. (Can they do 1080p yet? Need to check.)

I already know of people whose main uses for big flat screens in their homes are personal photos and home movies. That’s probably what we’ll do too, when we move to our next house.

Those eyeballs used to “belong” to broadcasters, but not anymore. Vlog It is available as a free demo here (this is an executable file).


  1. There is a piece of software that runs on both mac and PC that has some similar features and is solid as well. It’s called VideoCue

    i downloaded it after i tried the great Vlog it at work but wanted a home solution for my mac (Vlog it is PC only).

    The chromakeyer on Vlog it is better, but VideoCue has some great effects for moving graphics on and off with ease.

    It’s a free download to demo — check it out…

  2. Thanks Steve, as a mac user (as many would-be vloggers, newbie bloggers are) I appreciate your pithy summary
    Kare @

  3. Consider me (and our podcast, The Best Damn Tech Show, Period.) very happy and satisfied customers! Love the software.

    Check out our first vlogit piece here:

  4. Thanks for the link, Drew. Keep at it.

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