New Metrics and Principles

Here is the latest essay in the on-going series, TV News in a Postmodern World. This one goes out on a Sunday, because I’ll be on the road through Wednesday of this week, and I wanted to get it to you.

We’re in the midst of massive, confusing and frightening changes in the communications’ world, and they’re challenging our ability to see downstream more than a month (it seems). As personal technology continues to disrupt mass technology industries, we need a new set of value propositions upon which to hang our hats. This is true not only of media companies themselves, but also of advertisers and the whole advertising business. I believe such a change can be managed, but not until we arrive at agreement on what really has value. This essay attempts to look at that.

With every month that goes by, the failure of mass marketing becomes clearer. Perhaps it’s because the blue smoke and mirrors that we’ve hidden behind all these years is being blown away by fresh air rising from — of all places — the bottom. We’ll never arrive at the new unless we can find the courage to shed the old, and I hope this essay helps in that area too.

New Metrics and Principles

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