New Media eyes should focus on South Korean elections

New Media eyes should focus on South Korean elections.
As South Korea readies for its National Assembly elections next week, it does so in the midst of a cultural revolution driven by New Media. In this country, pundits and bloggers (they’re becoming one and the same) are naturally focusing on the Presidential election, but, oh, the lessons they could be learning by turning their eyes to the Far East.

OhmyNews! is the mouthpiece of an extraordinary block of voters known as the 2030s (people in their 20s and 30s). This group is largely liberal, and they’re taking on the conservative establishment using the Internet and mobile phones. This gives them lightning quick methods of message distribution with OhmyNews! functioning as a “check” on the nation’s three large, conservative newspapers.

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(full disclosure: My essays are published in the international version of OhmyNews!)

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