Networks to compete with affiliates (who knew?)

The upfront is underway and this is announcement week. Nothing really surprising so far — a lot of stuff about multimedia advertising. But this caught my eye. It’s from a Media Daily News article on ABC’s delivery of “HD quality” video through its streaming player.

It represents another signal that ABC no longer views television as content sent in a linear pattern through a living-room screen. For advertisers, the initiative and new player will allow for geo-targeting of ads (emphasis mine). Creative can be localized and targeted to individual users.

If a television network can geo-target ads, they are actually competing in the local media space.

Ouch! That hurts.


  1. i wish i had a better command of the language… last time i brought up the concept of locals themselves geo-targeting i walked funny for a few days.

    alas, i still think two could play at that game.

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