Networked journalism

Jeff Jarvis notes a significant shift in his thinking about “citizens journalism.” He now favors “networked journalism:”

“Networked journalism” takes into account the collaborative nature of journalism now: professionals and amateurs working together to get the real story, linking to each other across brands and old boundaries to share facts, questions, answers, ideas, perspectives. It recognizes the complex relationships that will make news. And it focuses on the process more than the product…

…this isn’t about citizens or amateurs vs. professionals. We’re all in this together. Journalism is a collaborative venture. Journalism is a network.

This is very good thinking, because it provides a way for all media to work together, which is the advice I’ve been giving clients for a long time. This term gives the concept an important framework for discussion.

I teased Jeff about starting a meme, to which he responded “I wasn’t trying to claim provenance.” Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to follow the Google link to see how quickly it grows.

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