Network TV Websites active

Network TV Websites active
Internet users, apparently eager to learn about new season programs, flocked to network Websites last week. According to a story in MediaLife,’s “ratings” were up 77% from the previous week. ABC was up 65%. The WB has the biggest number of Internet users, 890,000 unique surfers, up 64% from the previous week.

The WB skews young, which may explain why a network with one-third of NBC’s weekly adults 18–49 average can attract so many online fans. The WB audience is probably more comfortable and more familiar with the internet and knows where to look for program information.
This is only partially true, for The WB Website is also youthfully designed and has a narrow focus on programming, celebrity and interactivity. Broadcasters are still of the mindset that they can be all things to all people, and that can be a trap, especially online.

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