NBC entering the aggregation business

NBC appears ready to be entering the aggregator business in a big way with the formal launch of >nbbc (nbbc.com). A press conference is scheduled later this morning, and >nbbc is believed to be the topic. The site is a B2B portal for digital video aggregation and redistribution. The front page of the site, at this hour, is of the “coming soon” variety, but earlier versions put it this way:

The service aggregates quality content, monetizes content by connecting it with advertisers, and distributes content to a network of heavily-trafficked websites.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload: Licensors place content on the >nbbc platform
  • Monetize: Video is paired with advertisements
  • Distribute: Web publishers access content and advertisement (or supply their own ad)
  • Connect: Consumers view content and advertising revenue is shared
This is smart in many ways. One, it gets the network into the aggregation business, which is the strength of 2.0 companies. It’s simply more profitable to let other people provide the content. Two, it’s built as B2B, avoiding the youTube competitive advantage. The site is a buffer between content creation and distribution, essentially an ad placement engine. Three, by adding a second “B” to its brand, the network is brilliantly extending the NBC brand without all of its baggage.

I will keep screaming this until broadcasters pay attention. Content aggregation at the local level is the way of escape for local media companies caught in the death spiral of the Media 2.0 disruption.

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