Nashville Bloggers Meetup

For the first time, Nashville area bloggers gathered Saturday to meet each other and swap yarns in the studios of WKRN-TV. Nothing pretentious. No hidden agenda. Just free food, Channel 2 hats, and a chance to meet a really wonderful group of fellow bloggers.

I made the point that we are a community. We share a common bond, and we should get together once in awhile to strengthen that tie. I predict that the group will be three times its size a year from now.


  1. I’m sorry I had to miss this one, but I’ll be there next time! Great pictures!

  2. Terry,
    ‘great job organizing this event! Thank you for providing the opportunity for all of us to meet and chat.

  3. It looked like a lot of fun! I’m so sorry I missed it. Great job organizing this!

  4. Nobody told me. Wonder why that was? Could it be because I offer more news than opinions?

  5. Dear Librul,

    You weren’t invited, because this is the first I’ve heard of you. Please forgive. I expected to miss a few, because it’s a difficult job to come up with a list of everybody.

    There’s nothing on your site to suggest you are in Nashville, and an email address would help.

    I’ll add you now. Thanks.


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