My Christmas Manifesto

“…deep down in every man, woman, and child, is the fundamental idea of God. It may be obscured by calamity, by pomp, by worship of other things, but in some form or other it is there.” Bill W.

AA’s founder wrote the above for the Chapter To The Agnostics of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s one of the most controversial assumptions in the book, and it’s led to criticisms that the program of AA is a religious cult and unscientific. Therefore, the thinking goes, AA doesn’t work and should be avoided by those seeking sobriety.

I always laugh at such thinking, because AA is a program for people who want it, not those who may need it. The 12-Steps are supposed to be brutal to the ego, the part of the human experience that often resists any authority outside themselves.

Frankly, I believe the statement, because my view of God/Life demands it. In for a penny, in for a pound. And so, we’ve come to the time in my life where I feel a need to state with specificity exactly what I believe, as opposed to essays about what I don’t.

I have a fear, however, that others will read this and immediately revolt. They’ll point to the long list of historical theologies and say, “Of course, He’s just one of those, wink-wink, and we know how they ended with their heresy. Same thing here!” You’re not allowed to pigeonhole what you don’t understand just to make it understandable to you. That’s missing the whole point. The compartmentalization of religion destroys the freedom that comes with faith, so I don’t really care all that much.

So here we go: my operating creed circa 2021 A.D.

  1. I believe in God, the One God, the Creator, the home and resting place of my soul.
  2. I believe in God, the perpetual and eternal force known as Life.
  3. I believe that God is Life. Therefore, the eternal home and resting place of my soul.
  4. Therefore, God is not an exterior force that I must seek out, rather one that is within and always with me.
  5. I believe that all things were created by and for Life, including the Earth, its Atmosphere, and beyond, and every living thing, including the species known as human.
  6. I believe that humans are infinite spiritual beings on a human journey, not the other way around.
  7. I believe there is no way any human can make themselves more spiritual than they already are, for the quest is to become more human.
  8. I believe that God speaks to humankind via the arts, and that Life’s prophets have always been found among the sensitive and creative humans, the meek.
  9. I believe that such Life is universal, for time and space are only temporal ideas in the mind of Life.
  10. Therefore, there is no “afterlife” per se, only a continuation of our current state. Many people live in hell today with no hope of ever changing.
  11. I believe the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit/Life, as are all writings of those who worship the One God. Life is always trying to communicate with us, and we alone can and do block the Source.
  12. I believe in the Disappointing Fall and subsequent Redemption of Human Kind.
  13. I believe that the sacrifice of Jesus is best understood through his final words, “It is finished.”
  14. I believe that the redemption of human kind occurred at once, providing the human race with the ability to live at peace in the here and now first, and under the sun second.
  15. I believe that Jesus was the final High Priest of God, because humanity is now able to connect with Life absent an advocate or sacred “Holy” priest-like people. We’re on our own and need to each figure it out on our own.
  16. I believe that religion has bastardized the truth in the name of selfishness, because the truth benefits no institution or no “special” group of people.
  17. I believe that Life is conscious and is the best teacher of well-being for the human race.
  18. I believe that Life is everything and that humans are no better than any of the other animals under the sun, except that we are in charge. We have animal needs to be met, and we should not avoid them for appearances’ sake, and this is a direct response to the restraint demanded by a controlling church. There is simply nothing “wrong” or “bad” with being human,
  19. I believe that Life is always evolving as humanity progresses, because Life is not separate from the evolution of Its creation.
  20. I believe that Life and humanity are co-authors of history, but that Life must deal with the consequences.
  21. I believe that life under the sun is deceptive and dominated by the animal that is humankind, but that, like amphibians, humans are capable of living in two worlds simultaneously, the world under the sun and the world beyond.
  22. I believe that the only time these worlds meet is now and the only place is here.
  23. I believe that humans can accomplish anything united as one force under God.
  24. I believe that destroying the earth will not destroy Life, only the humans who dwell on the planet.
  25. I believe that without the releases in 7 and 49-year intervals, Capitalism is evil at core, because it promotes a self-centered view of Life’s blessings.
  26. I believe there is none righteous under the sun, no not one.
  27. I believe that support of the arts is the obligation of every human under the sun, for in this way, we are encouraging our own contact with the Source.

And so, this Christmas time during the pandemic, let’s each spend just a little time thinking about what it is that each of us believes. Take my advice and don’t commit yourself to beliefs based entirely on what others tell you. Everybody is shilling for something, and that includes people of religion. What do YOU believe?

Finally, I believe God is judging the church today for being way off point in their thinking and actions. This business with Trump has shined a bright light on the Gospel of Self. It has literally destroyed the witness provided by the Jesus they claim to follow. They have played the harlot with power, and now they face the judgment of Life itself. I’d not be surprised at anything.

You can believe whatever you wish, but you cannot believe your way into Heaven after living your life contrary to the love of God, yourself, and your neighbor.

It just doesn’t work that way.

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