My books are now on sale

It is with great joy that I announce that my books are now available for ordering. Delivery from the first printing will be on December 10th, so if you want to make sure you’re a part of that, you need to place your order now. They’re small books, and I think we’ve priced them fairly. My desire is that they be read, not that I strike it rich in the process.

As I mentioned previously, these stories are fables about life as told through insect characters in a mystical place called Palmer’s Meadow. The themes are adult, so they aren’t children’s books (although I think they’d make great animated tales).

There’s plenty to read at the Palmer’s Meadow website, including an interview with the author (Hey, that’s ME!), but here’s a summary of each story.

The Butterfly Tree is the story of Conrad, the thinking caterpillar. He’s unlike others of his kind, because he’s been gifted with the ability to think and reason. Rather than automatically accepting the fate of all caterpillars — the dark unknown of chrysalis — Conrad runs from it and, in so doing, flees the destiny of one with such a gift. He runs afoul of the gangster who runs a brothel at the top of the tree and endangers himself — and all of his kind — before facing his ultimate fear. It’s a lesson for people struggling with decisions in life.

The Hoppers of Palmer’s Meadow is a story of the danger of assuming to know the will of God. Saul and Gregory are grasshopper brothers and heirs to the throne of the Hoppers. Gregory is the natural leader but corrupt at core. Saul is equally capable of leading, but the elders have faith that Gregory is the Creator’s choice. It’s a story of locust swarms, racial inequality, violence and love, and one that exposes the arrogance of reading “signs” as evidence of being special in the eyes of God.

Princess of the Pond is everybody’s favorite story, a lesson in the dangers of self-pity. Donata, the damselfly princess, emerges from the water as a cripple and quickly becomes the laughing stock of the dragonflies and damselflies. Rejected even by her prince, she’s befriended by lovable misfits and eventually becomes the pawn of the evil scorpion Beelzebug in a plot to destroy the balance of life in the meadow. In order to prevent disaster, she must overcome her obsession with self and discover that genuine wholeness exists on the inside and can spread to that which is on the outside.

Present in each story is the wise sage of the meadow, Prometheus, the great moth, and his sidekick, Luna. It is to Prometheus that the residents of the meadow turn when their internal struggles lead them to external crises that seem impossible to overcome.

If you’re only going to order one book, I suggest you read Princess, but you’ll end up wanting them all. If you buy all three together, we cut the price to $10 each. They are a series, and that’s the way I’d prefer they be purchased.

The holidays are upon us, and these make great gifts. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to the Website and buy, buy, buy! (I’m so bad at this stuff)


  1. Ordered and blogged about, good sir.

  2. terry, i had no idea…


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    Terry has three new books out. Adult fables if you will. (Not adult themed — but rather, written for adults. English is such a pain in the…) … these stories are fables about life as told through insect characters in

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