My asshole neighbor speaks his piece

So I just walked out the door to check the mail, and the guy two houses down is displaying his opinion of today’s historic events. He’s been known to make his opinion known before with this flagpole. My son-in-law muttered “ignorant” as he went to work, but I’d call it a pathetic reminder that there’s a lot of work to be done. And then there’s the obvious observation that the Confederate battle flag flying at half staff is a good thing, right?

my neighbor's flagpole


  1. not only that, he needs some serious flashing work on the chimney.

  2. Something like 11% of Americans wanted to surrender to Hitler, according to polls taken at the height of the second world war. There have always been assholes, and there will always be assholes.

  3. Texas Patriot says

    It’s a terrific thing!

  4. There are neo-Confederates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In fact the preponderance of them in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is how my researh started.

    The Univ. of Texas Press has published, “Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction” and the webpage for the book is at:

    To see their attitudes to Obama you could go the web page

  5. We have to keep in mind that only about 63% of the voters voted. And of the 63% ( or whatever) only a tiny bit more than 50% voted for Obama. Now, the blablabla is that everyone is blablabla. Every try to find a baby boomer that was for the Vietnam War? Funny, that’s not how I remember it.

    We’re at the beginning of the process of making the new conventional wisdom real. It will be done, but let’s make sure we all keep it real.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if somehow newspapers and journalists could lead the effort? Some will. That’s the good news. But most of the “newspapers” are deers in headlights, fretting about x,y,z,a,b,c or bloviating about the internet and the future of journalists. Me included.

  6. The beautiful thing is, President Obama has vowed to the the President for Assholes, too.

  7. Awwwww, what a sad day if must be for the ignorant and uneducated among us. Truth and Democracy prevailed, and they are sad.

  8. Freedom of speech is still alive and well (unless Bush signed that right away from us yesterday before handing over power).

    How about making a sign and putting it in YOUR yard with a quote from Obama’s speech yesterday? There are a lot of good ones. Here’s one of my faves:

    “What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them — that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.”

  9. The saving grace of America (and Americans) that we all have the inalienable right to be as stupid as we want to be.

  10. @ Edward,
    So I went to the website you linked and found this
    “Fred Burton, vice president of counterterrorism and corporate security with Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence company, said that the effects of the drug war are already being seen in the United States.
    “There’s a tremendous amount of spillover violence into the United States which needs to be discussed,” he said. ”

    I stopped but the solution was to build the wall, I think.

    Meanwhile, the world wide shadow economy is huge. It’s driven by drugs, guns, slaves, smuggling and money laundering. I’ve seen estimates that puts it at a trillion dollars or more.

    So… the issue raised needs to be addressed. The solution proposed is dumb because it won’t worked. What probably would work is some form of legalized drugs. It would be cool if someone, not me, not now, joined the conversation instead of writing it off as right wing blablablabla.

    Crusading newspaper, anyone? While you’re at it. How about a story about Gov Paterson in NY saying he wants to change the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Our beloved paper of record the NYT didn’t seem to think that was part of all the news that fits to Print. At least as far as i can tell.

  11. michael pescatore says

    Total douche bag !!!

  12. Thankful on Foxboro Circle says

    We have a entire family that caused terror in our HOA for 24 years on Foxboro Circle in San Ramon. Luis Paglia and his family terrorized us. How does one family accumulate multiple restraining orders and a weak HOA that was just as scared did not do anything. The family terrorized kids at the pool made it their business to get in every one’s business. Broke windows of those that stood up to them, slashed tires, got in people’s faces, steal the newspaper on Sundays, interrupt our contractor or handyman doing work. They had no life what so ever. The husband was in his garage all the time on purpose so he could see what everyone was doing. When they moved from our community it was such a relief for almost the entire community. We all celebrated. Except they still managed to make a friend here so they come back on occasion. Their friends are no better that live here. The behavior allowed by our pathetic HOA was upsetting. People who make it a point to bully and involve themselves in other people’s life are pathetic. What’s more pathetic are the parents that allow their children to follow the same behavior. We have never met a more pathetic volitile family on our lives. Half the neighborhood had horror stories of Luis Paglia and his entire family. It literally was a family affair.


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