Music downloads are up (or down)

Music downloads are up (or down).
Here we have the case of a press release that is open to interpretation. The fun is in the headlines.

The Washington PostAmericans Head Back Online For Music
An estimated 6 million people have stopped downloading copyrighted music from the Internet over fears that they may sued by the recording industry, but the overall number of Americans who download music is rising with the popularity of iTunes, Napster and other legitimate online music services, according to a survey released today by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

The Associated PressStudy: Legal Fears Scare Away Downloaders
Driven largely by fears of copyright lawsuits, more than 17 million Americans, or 14 percent of adult Internet users, have stopped downloading music over the Internet, a survey finds.

SiliconValley.comMusic downloads on the rise again
Internet music downloading is rising again, even as the recording industry’s relentless anti-piracy campaign has scared millions of adults away from unauthorized file-swapping networks.

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