Multi-tasking on steroids!

Multi-tasking on steroids!
The closest I ever got to serious video games was watching my daughters play them. I prefer games that require you to think (I’m a freecell nut) over games that require you to act and react. But, of course, I’m just an old fogey. So I’m amazed — but not surprised — that the folks at Nintendo are coming out with a new Gameboyesque machine with two screens. Here’s what Reuters has to say:

Nintendo said the dual screens on the new game machine would let players see the same game from two different perspectives, or see game action on one screen while looking at a map of the game environment on the other.
This is multi-tasking on steroids! Seriously, though, those of my generation (and that includes a whole slew of media executives) have trouble conceiving how young people can point their brains in multiple directions simultaneously. It begs the question, how many screens of entertainment, news, information and ad messages can the human mind absorb simultaneously? Think about it. Memo to the ad industry: There’s no reason the ad can’t run adjacent to the content or around it. Interrupting is, like, so 20th century!

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