MSN Video sure looks like the future

MSN Video sure looks like the future
The more we learn about the upcoming MSN Video experiment, the more it begins to look like the real deal. The creators of the concept speak freely about it in a new AdAge article, and it sure sounds like they’ve done their homework. First of all, it’s free. President Scott Moore says, “We came to the conclusion that 56 million people are streaming video on a monthly basis and less than a million people in the aggregate are paying for it. Rolling out a subscription product didn’t seem like the best strategy.” Secondly, the ads, at 15-seconds, won’t seem as intrusive as other ad-supported attempts at online video. A 15-second TV ad runs and then a large, rich-media ad banner appears next to the streaming ad. The format is designed to wed the impact of TV advertising with the immediacy of the Web. “We believe broadband is going to be much more significant than people thought it was going to be,” said Rishad Tobaccowala, president of SMG’s Internet practice. SMG is the Los Angeles ad agency handling the upfront buy for the project. “We went through several revisions of the product. … We wanted to ensure that consumers would be exposed to non-intrusive advertising that respects their time.”

Note to TV stations: Are you paying attention?

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