Moving Adventures

I’ve arrived in Dallas and am camping out at my new apartment. It’s a super place, and I’m nestled in the trees. It’ll be a great place from which to write and work. The doggie downers did the trick for my dog, and the trip was essentially uneventful — until I arrived in Dallas. It seems there’s a rather serious problem with my new old car — $1,200 for steering and suspension repairs. Nice.

Gone are the days when they just pick you up and move you. Allied told me they’d be by at 8am Monday. They got there at 1pm, which put me on the road near nightfall. My “window” for furniture delivery is today through August 4th. So I’ll be camping for awhile. The phone is in. Cable TV on Saturday. Internet sometime next week. I’m writing now from the apartment complex’s business center, which will be a frequent visiting spot for me.

I’m working on a new essay about third-party metrics for the web that should be finished by Monday. Stay tuned.

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