More “State of the News Media”

One thing is crystal clear from reading this report: the authors believe strongly that online is where we’re all headed (surprise!). Here’s the most important sentence in the entire report:

“The problem is that the traditional media are leaving it to technology companies — like Google — and to individuals and entrepreneurs — like bloggers — to explore and innovate on the Internet. The risk is that traditional journalism will cede to such competitors both the new technology and the audience that is building there.”
This is precisely why I’m doing what I do, and I hope broadcasters are paying attention. The notion that we can sit back and wait until others “figure it out” and then jump in with our big, bad brands is foolish and so 20th century.


  1. I just finished listening to your conversation with Chris Pirillo, and went to your wensite. I am SO EXCITED seeing your views, I think they are right on!
    I teach Visual Communications at a college in La Crosse, and I am going to have my students listen to this show. There are so many things I feel you have touched on, and with the coming wave of internet video, I feel that codec compression is one of the most important classes I teach now.
    it’s only getting the students to agree with me.……

    Awesome. I will most definitely be back soon.

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