More fiber news — Provo

Provo is the fiber poster child
The Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Council released their updated list of “U.S. Optical Fiber Communities,” and Provo, Utah tops the list. City officials there are reviewing a plan to make FTTH services available to all of the city’s 32,000 homes and businesses by the end of 2005. “The response has been fantastic,” said Paul Venturella, telecomm manager for the city of Provo. “People on the service are very pleased with it, and everybody else wants to know how soon they can get it.” Provo is using its FTTH network to deliver innovative IP video-on-demand services — including elementary school musical performances and graduation ceremonies, city council meetings, and local university lectures — that have proved highly popular with subscribers. Watch this closely over the next couple of years, for Provo will become the proving ground for all kinds of Video On Demand (VOD) services.

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