Methinks he doth protest too much

The mainstream press coverage (Romenesko has a list) of Brit Hume’s interview yesterday with Vice President Dick Cheney is following a couple of themes — that Hume soft-balled Cheney and that it’s not over. I was especially struck by this line from a Howard Kurtz report in the Washington Post:

“Going to Brit Hume doesn’t solve Dick Cheney’s crisis problem,” said Lanny Davis, a Democratic lawyer and damage-control specialist. “It’s not because Brit Hume works for Fox, because Hume is a tough reporter. It’s because it doesn’t address the elephant-in-the-room issue, which is Dick Cheney and his refusal to be open with the press.”
So THAT’s the story, eh? What I don’t understand is how “the press” can’t see this for what it is — that the rules of their sandbox aren’t absolute anymore, and, more importantly, that the public doesn’t need their filtering to make up their minds about what is or isn’t important. The louder the press squawks about somehow being denied the opportunity to perform what they view as “their role,” the more the public gets treated to the self-serving nature of the complaint.

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