Memo to David Westin, ABC News

Dear Mr. Westin,

I appreciated the article in Business Week about ABC News Now and your efforts to build an online network. I have several friends who work for you, and I’m happy to see you’ve got a glimpse of what the Internet can offer.

But I have a problem with this line:

We will have 50 hours of monthly video-on-demand (VOD) segments that consumers can call up — everything from 20/20 and Nightline to original programming.
Here’s the problem. Long ago, you made a deal with RealNetworks “SuperPass” to provide your streaming. In case you haven’t noticed (or if nobody has said anything to you about it), it’s a piece of crapola. Simply put, you will NEVER reach your potential as long as you remain married to a losing streaming technology.

Sorry to be so blunt, and, of course, I could be wrong.



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