Mediagazer, a new view of my favorite subject

Gabe Rivera has launched a new aggregator in the Techmeme mold, and it’s big news for those who follow the space that I cover. Mediagazer is Rivera’s “part human, part machine” way of filtering the tons of content created every day about the problems, challenges and opportunities of media. It promises to be a rich, daily experience (and a new feed for my RSS aggregator).

In a TechMeme post, Gabe tells why it has taken four years to launch another aggregator.

Our experience with Techmeme memeorandum, WeSmirch, and Ballbug taught us what was most valuable to readers, and why. That lead us to focus on one site, Techmeme, first by giving extra attention to the configurations controlling its automation, and second, introducing manual editing and evolving the process in which man and machine work in concert.

Mediagazer incoporates all these lessons. We’ve taken great care in its construction, have outfitted the site with the latest iteration of our automation engine, and have launched it from the outset with a dedicated human editor.

That editor is Megan McCarthy, a long time tech writer with deep knowledge of the media space. In her own introductory piece, she writes “We make it easy for you to get your media news fix.”

We collect relevant takes on an issue and package them together in a comprehensive group of links. That way, you not only get the lead opinion on an issue, but you can easily find the supporting, opposing, smart, controversial, notable, and previously unseen viewpoints. You get the big picture.

This is a fairly crowed space with several well-entrenched leaders, but I’ve always been a big fan of the TechMeme model, and I think Gabe and Megan will be very successful and perhaps introduce a whole new group of readers to that model.

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