Me and my classmates

So is planning an IPO to raise $144 million. I’m enjoying some of the spin, such as references to the site as “pioneering.”

I refuse to go near classmates, because they pursue a business model that turns me off — the relentless pursuit of my wallet. The information about my class and, yes, classmates is useless, because it’s all behind the pay wall. So while I’m one of its “50 million members,” I’m probably not alone in my disdain for the site. When I first entered my profile information, the site wasn’t nearly so obnoxious. If this is “pioneering,” then hand me a bow and arrow.

The company is trying to take advantage of all the buzz about social networking, and perhaps a successful IPO will help them remove the walls. Until that happens, though, don’t count on me to buy any of its stock.


  1. Amen!

    I haven’t been able to stomach for years. I recently logged back in to see if it had improved any since my last login. Nope. Still Sucks.

    Why pay for a service that a few well places google seraches may uncover.

  2. see, dropping out an an early age does have some benefits.

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