Making scents of a dream

One of the great things about living in Tennessee is the abundant wildlife with which we share our space. We live near Percy Priest Lake east of Nashville, and the general area includes lots of wooded patches that are home to deer and other critters, including those that God colored black and white.

Now, Pep� Le Pew is a nocturnal fellow, and last night was a very still night. He must have encountered Eartha Kitt (the neighborhood cat) in the wee hours of the morning, because the stench was overwhelming — so much so that it invaded my sleep.

I was on a cruise ship, and people were overcome with a foul odor. I was apparently the only one who knew it was a skunk, so I set out to find the beast. I saw a portion of his black and white tail sticking out from behind a deck chair, so I tossed a shoe at it. Nothing. I tossed another shoe, and this time I roused the little bastard. Only it wasn’t one; it was two. And they weren’t skunks; they were dogs colored like skunks. They began chasing me, occasionally running backwards to squirt another stink bomb.

Then I woke up. It was 2 a.m. I went to the bathroom to clear away the dream, but I could still smell the stink, which made me wonder if I wasn’t about to pee in the dream. I resolved that I was, indeed, awake and commented to myself how vivid the dream had been, because the smell was still there. I sprayed some air freshener and walked my nose through the mist.


I got back in bed convinced that it had, in fact, been a dream, when Allie bolted from under the covers and said, “Holy shit, that damned Pep� Le Pew’s been at it again.”

I laughed. It was a dream augmented by special effects.

Whew, Pep�!

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