Mainstream advertising decline continues

Nikki Finke of LA Weekly writes that Hollywood is about to tell major market newspapers that it’s going to cut back considerably on those big movie ads in the entertainment section. The reason? Not much bang for the buck. Newspaper readers aren’t the movie-going type anymore.

All advertisers dearly love the 18-to-34 demographic, and the Hollywood movie studios are no exception. In their eyes, the newsosaurs aren’t measuring up. Sources at the two Hollywood studios who are axing their movie display ads in newspapers gave me that information on the condition they not be identified. But, studiowide, it’s on everyone’s to-do list. “We’re rethinking our newspaper ads and I mean, literally, on every movie. Everybody is,” one movie mogul tells me. “The only people who read newspapers are older and elitist. Movies like Sky High don’t need ads in The New York Times. But the studios did it because newspapers were seen as a necessary evil. But I don’t think it’s as important anymore.”
I’m reminded again of the adage about television and magazines: Television didn’t kill magazines by taking their readers; they killed magazines by taking their advertising.

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