Magid: On-demand advertising works

Magid: On-demand advertising works
The new Frank N. Magid Associates study looked at Cox Cable’s Video On Demand (VOD) ad experiment, FreeZone, in San Diego. The major finding is that people actually watch ads created for an environment where people are seeking information about products and services. Half of the digital audience in San Diego has viewed FreeZone during the past year. Viewers average 3.76 videos per week. Each unique viewer spent approximately 25.5 minutes per week viewing advertiser content. Those are impressive numbers for an industry that doesn’t really even exist yet, and the results for the advertisers are even more noteworthy. Jodi Gusek, PhD., Executive Director Emerging Media Research, Frank N. Magid Associates said, “This long form advertising on demand content has the potential to be more involving than standard spot advertising. Our research shows that viewers of FreeZone advertising have higher brand recall than non-viewers. In many cases, viewers also report more positive brand attributes to FreeZone advertised brands.”

From a Postmodern perspective, this is extremely significant, for on-demand advertising on TV fits the Pomo mindset perfectly. Regardless of the cultural framework, people will always have to make purchases, but Pomos turn away from traditional sales techniques that disrupt the experiences they choose. In an on-demand, digital video environment, people can make their own choices about which ads to view, and, as the Magid study suggests, the advertisers who get there first will have a significant leg up in a Postmodern world.

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