Love the iPhone; at&t not so much

Some of my best friends and colleagues are succumbing to iPhonemania and switching to the popular Apple tool. Cory Bergman at Lost Remote bid a tearful goodbye to his Blackberry in announcing he was switching. Don’t look for me to be making such a change.

I think the hardware and the web applications are stand-out and game-changing, but I will not give a dime to at&t, or as Dan Gillmor calls it, “the company that calls itself at&t.” I’ve had two horrendous experiences with the company, and that’s about all I give anybody. When I was on Cingular, I experienced relentless and highly irritating dropped calls, so much so, that I actually laughed out loud the first time I saw one of their “fewest dropped calls” ads on TV. Cingular is now at&t. ‘Nuff said.

The second bad experience is more appropriate to the iPhone. When I first moved to Dallas in ’06, I landed at an apartment complex that had an exclusive contract for at&t to provide “cable.” It took six weeks to get it installed, only to discover it wasn’t cable at all, but a split signal from DirectTV that wouldn’t accept my TiVo. The lack of cable meant I needed an at&t DSL line for the Web, and that also took a month to get installed. The service was awful, and in investigating a problem once, I discovered that the “line” at&t was using actually belonged to Verizon. The point is that at&t was building its business on the backs of others, companies that if I’d had a direct relationship with would’ve given me better service. The only reason I stayed with them was my landlord gave me no other choice. I find this business practice to be deplorable, but I blame the company that calls itself at&t.

So now we have arguably the best mobile device ever to come down the pike married to at&t with overpriced service agreements built on Cingular’s lousy network. I may be nuts, but I cannot bring myself to do business with them.

I’m completely a Verizon guy now. Wireless, landline, and FIOS, and I’m a very happy customer. So while I’d certainly enjoy hands-on experience with an iPhone, I’ll leave that to others until the device supports other carriers.

Of course, there’s renewed talk of a gPhone coming…


  1. Sure, the gPhone’s coming, but Verizon will only give it to you when it’s clear they have no other option. Verizon hates you being able to do anything on their network that they can’t charge you another $5 a month for.

    Navigation & GPS? Free ringtones? Syncing to your computer? Not if Verizon can help it.

    If you want the gPhone, you’ll have to switch to TMobile first, then Sprint early next year.

  2. I love the iphone, but what on earth is AT&T thinking with all these subsidies?!?!

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