Lose the overhead; keep the staff

Michael Rosenblum has a wonderful post over at his blog today on the archaic nature of maintaining a media company “building” in the era of hyperconnectivity. It’s classic Rosenblum:

Have you ever seen The Facebook Building?

Have you ever been inside it?

Have you ever even seen a picture of it?

Where is Facebook?

It is nowhere, and it is everywhere.

Where is the Craigslist Building? Craigslist, the website that destroyed the newspaper business in the US.

You don’t need the building to gather, curate, edit and distribute information.

You don’t need the overhead.

The New York Times building on 8th Avenue and 40th Street is a stunning tombstone to $800 million that could have been spent on content, instead of steel and glass.

Newspapers and local TV news (and networks soon) will be faced with the need for major cost cuts. They will fire the editorial staff first, because it’s easier to get the writers out of the building than get the building out of the writers.

But it’s the building that should go.

AR&D is a virtual company. We don’t have a building, because it’s just unnecessary. We lose the interaction that comes with being physically “together,” but we’re much more efficient operating from our home offices. Will the news business really ever get to this? I think we may be surprised at what the future brings here.

And I can’t wait for the day when the newscast is served from the cloud. Won’t that be a hoot?


  1. Hi terry
    Thanks for the ping. Hope all is good with you and all my friends in the ard bldg.

  2. How cool would it be if higher education took the same approach. And passed along the savings to the students.
    Lots of “on line” education, but the credit price doesn’t go down. …yet.

  3. Amen. …and most media companies could lose a lot of corporate and no one would notice, unlike when local market positions are cut.

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