Looking back on a special day

Happy anniversary, Allie.

inside of the card Allie gave me after our weddingFour years ago today, we made it official, and it was one of the most glorious days of my life. I sang to you, as you came down the aisle, and you were absolutely radiant. I think you actually hurt your face that day from the constant smiling. The pictures show you slim and tanned. You wanted everything to be so perfect. It was, and so were you.

You gave me a card later with this drawing inside. Do you remember? You always called me “Guru,” and to this day, that card is my most treasured possession from our short life together. You leaned on me. You needed me. And you weren’t afraid to show it. I am the luckiest man on the planet for having experienced that kind of love.

And so I’m thinking of you today. We’re going through uncertain times down here. You always loved politics, and I’m sure you’d be having fits with this current election. The economy is in the sewer, too, but that wouldn’t bother you. You taught me not to fear poverty, and you showed me all about how to get by with only a little.

I miss you so much, Allie, but it lifts my soul to know that you are at perfect peace.

Your husband,



  1. I came across your blog while doing research for a company I am working with. (You’re on the list.)

    I am deeply touched by your joy and pain…the love you show.

  2. Remember and enjoy the good moments again and put aside the bad, you will be together again in the realm where time does not exist. Follow Rabbi Yeshua

  3. Jennifer Yarter says

    Hey Terry!

    Funny coincidences — my husband and I are ALSO celebrating our four-year wedding anniversary on October 9th! Happy anniversary to you, and I wish you and your wife many many more!

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