Local Search: big and getting bigger

Local Search: big and getting bigger.
Efforts by Google and Yahoo to get into the local search market are turning results, and that means more trouble for broadcasters, newspapers and even the Yellow Pages. Much of the ad dollars pouring into the Internet these days comes from search, where companies are paying for placement within the search string or adjacent to it. Charlene Li, an analyst with market tracker Forrester Research, told USA Today, “This market has a huge potential, because most people do their shopping locally. The problem is, most people don’t know how to do searches locally on the Internet. But that’s going to change.”

I’ve written about this before and agree completely with Ms. Li. It’s going to get more and more sophisticated, and anybody whose business model depends on local advertising needs to pay attention. If companies like The Yellow Pages would stop trying to be old media for a minute, they might see that their database — with some modifications and additions — would be capable of creating a very nice local search.

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