Linked-In endorsements? No way.

Doc Searls has been justifiably irked about certain aspects of Facebook (namely those relentless friend requests), but I apparently don’t know enough people for that to be a problem. I do, however, have a serious bone to pick with Linked-In and their endorsements and recommendations application. “Endorse so-and-so. It only takes a minute.” Well, what if I don’t want to?

It seems innocent enough, but here’s my quandary: how do I endorse some and not others in such a public place? If I endorse Joe but not Bill, how’s Bill going to feel if he finds out I’ve endorsed Joe? I also just don’t like the feel of a “request for endorsement.” It seems so, presumptuous, doesn’t it?

I think I object mostly to the expectation of acceptance that’s implied, so rather than use the thing as I suspect it was envisioned, I just refuse to endorse or recommend anybody. It’s not personal, folks.

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