LifeSlices: Updating CompUSA

As of this morning, the story ranks 5th and 8th of the first ten search results on Google for “CompUSA.” The CompUSA Wikipedia page has even been updated with the story.

Jackie Huba at the Church of the Customer Blog has the timeline.

And here’s me on the front page of yesterday:

And all I did was make a blog entry. Amazing.

UPDATE: Foxnews finally got hold of somebody from CompUSA and included it in their story:

“Those guidelines are in place because there’s unscrupulous types of people out there that take advantage,” CompUSA spokeswoman Jessica Nunez told “What they’re doing is following company guidelines. They should have contacted him…and researched further.”

The day before writing the letter, Heaton had also sent an e‑mail to CompUSA with the subject line “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Nunez said. Due to the unusual subject line of the e‑mail, it showed up as SPAM and was initially ignored by the company. She also said Heaton did not use the standard means of contacting the company regarding the problem.

“The proper channels for most consumers is to contact customer care,” she said.

Oh come on. Ms. Nunez works for the James Nunez Group, a Dallas PR firm that CompUSA uses to outsource their press releases and such. That email went to their office, not CompUSA’s, so the notion that it got lost in some spam filter is absurd. I’ve used that subject line many times as a icebreaker to get the attention of somebody, and I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Since Ms. Nunez admits that I sent an email the day before I wrote the letter to Mr. Ross, perhaps CompUSA ought to rethink its association with that company. I did, after all, try to get to somebody that represented the best interests of CompUSA.

And regarding the “contact customer care” line — this is the bottomless pit that many people have commented about on this blog and elsewhere in the wake of my empty box.

The point is that CompUSA has serious reputation issues with which it needs to deal before it can win any sort of trust from the tech and geek communities it wishes to serve. Clearly, that was an issue long before they sold me an empty box.


  1. dang, you might wind up with a date with amanda c afterall.

    good luck. you two looked great in that photo at rtnda.

  2. You blogged about it…other people blogged about your blogging about it.…CompUSA contacted you with a gift certificate offer, and you blogged about that and thanked other people for blogging about what you had blogged about…Fox News reported on both your blogging about it and the people who blogged about your blogging about it.…Church of the Customer put together a timeline of who blogged about you blogging about it, and how that blogging ultimately got it resolved, and now you have blogged about their blogging a timeline that lays out who blogged about your blogging about what happened as well as the news report about your blogging and how it was affected by who blogged about your blogging about it.

    Excuse me, I need to sit down. I am quite dizzy. LOL.

  3. Cool.

  4. Wow Terry, all you had to do was make 2–3 trips to the store, write a letter, take 3–4 phone calls, post a blog entry, get picked up on (among other sites), take a couple more phone calls, wait for a $300 gift card, travel again to a CompUSA store and to re-buy a digital camera?

    …I can’t figure out what you are complaining about?

  5. What Danny said. Any company that blames its customers for its woes — even if it’s by proxy of a PR company — has serious problems.

  6. “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi”???


  7. the fascinating-est part of all this is-

    “… all i did was make a blog entry. amazing.”


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