LifeSlices: Stuck here, stuck there

When you do a lot of traveling, you expect to fully experience the roll of the dice that comes with bad weather. Monday night, I was stranded in Charlotte with no fresh clothes, no toiletries, and no way home. The motel was, well, yuck (and I had to pay for it).

Now, I’m en route New York City and stuck in New Orleans, because there are t‑storms in the Big Apple. I’m in a little coffee shop with free WiFi, so things could be worse. They tell us 5pm for departure, but we’ll see.

This should be an interesting trip. Underneath a stack of clothes on my bed is my cellphone, so I’m, ah, incommunicado for a few days. This should be fun. My phone, of course, is also my connection with what I view as my “life.” I’m shaking already.

More to follow. Adventure awaits. Oh boy!

UPDATE #1. It’s 4pm now, and the flight is delayed further. What a cluster foxtrot! The plane that’s supposed to take me to LaGuardia is a flight that goes from Toronto to NY to New Orleans. The first leg was cancelled, so they’re allegedly replacing the “crew and equipment” in NY. Assuming that happens, I’ll leave here around 9pm, which will put me in NY around 1am for a 9am Friday conference. Whoo boy.

If the flight is eventually cancelled, it’s a rental car return to DFW.

And so it goes…

UPDATE #2. It’s 10:30pm, and I’m back in Dallas. Flight to New York was cancelled. No way to get there in time for the conference. Shit.


  1. too bad your squirrels don’t have keys to the apt. they’d handle the issue with the cell phone.

    it’s been my experience that the little fellas will go to great lengths to help the hand that feeds.

    have a great trip!

  2. yikes!

    the conference will definitely be the loser there.

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