LifeSlices: Scanning the Sunday headlines

UN urged to take action on asteroid threat
Illness from tainted peanut butter spreads
8 US troops die in Afghan copter crash
Bird flu spreads in Russia
Double car bombing kills at least 35 in Baghdad
Next stop Iran?

In the words of the immortal Frank Barone, “Holy Crap!”

Oh, and on the funny page, Britney shaved her head, Anna Nicole is still dead (though now embalmed), and “another woman” may have been involved in Hugh Grant’s breakup.

Find your own links. I’m going back to bed.


  1. thedetroitchannel says

    i hope you fed your squirrels before heading “back to bed”.

    mine line up like troopers at around 8:30 every morning.

    i got them good today. we had chinese last night and they f’d up the order; we got enough fried rice to feed 20.

    i put that out on some paper plates along with a few dinner rolls that were left over.

    i should have had the camera handy when they showed up. i put a fortune cookie out there too and it was the first thing one of them grabbed and took off with. it was quite a sight when “he” got to the fortune!

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