LifeSlices: More fun with spam

It seems that David Weinberger and I share the same sense of humor about spam, namely that it’s such a part of online life — and you can’t completely stop it — so the best thing you can do is be entertained by it. And since most of it is written by Borat wannabees, it does produce a certain, albeit unintended, comedic punch.

Take, for example, the subject lines of spam that I grabbed in just the last 12 hours:

Your insatiable chick will be full of pleasure! (What insatiable chick?)
Don’t kick yourself, read up on these guys (Kicking myself is a skill I’ve not acquired)
Yes, I can help you (No, you can’t)
The problems with health are in the past (The problems?)
Protect your manliness! (Insurance scam, eh?)
Jessica Alba goes bra-less (And you’re gonna show it to me for free!)
Would you like to chat? (No)
Did you get it? (Don’t want it)
A chance to become healthy for cheap (The problems with health are in the past)
Do you want mega big penis? (What would I do with it?)
This will make any lady all yours! (I’ve been hearing that since the 6th grade)
Don’t be the “little guy” in the club (Actually, 5′11″ is pretty average)
Research has revealed that your penis has the ability to grow beyond its current size when fully erect. (And this is a bulletin?)
$4000 cash in 30 days? Screw that! I did it in 2 weeks! (Screw that? Screw you!)
Olny this 5 days special price on pharma for you dear customer (Borat, stop writing me)

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