Life Slices: Bön Voyage, Mike Sechrist

When I was a news director, nothing caused me more personal difficulty than the departure of a quality staffer. I learned the business reality that the person leaving isn’t as important as the one coming in the door, but that never made the loss any easier to accept. We make investments in people in this business, and there’s a real sense of loss when one moves on in this revolving door world.

And so I feel a great sense of loss this morning in the resignation from WKRN-TV in Nashville of General Manager Mike Sechrist. I’ve known it was coming — and I suppose that makes it a little easier — but Mike and I fought hand-in-hand (and it was often a real battle) to pioneer new innovations at the station, and there’s a natural sense of uncertainty for everybody involved. Wherever I go in the broadcasting world, WKRN-TV is the envy of the business, because it is two years ahead of everybody else. Mike Sechrist is the one who deserves the credit for that.

And the business reality is that he will end up in an important position somewhere, and I have faith that we will again work together. Mike finds the digital world fascinating and a reminder of the fun days of television. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that full time?

Mike Sechrist at the inaugural Nashville blogger meet-up

It was a fun ride, Mike. Let’s do it again. And never forget that you’re one of the good guys. Clark Kent would envy your strength.

(Read Mike’s blog entry)


  1. That’s a pretty cool picture. Sidenote: Terry, the guy standing between you and me is now about as tall as me.


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