Life changing technology

Here’s some reading I highly recommend. It’s an interview by J.D. Lasica with Mike Ramsay, CEO of TiVo. There’s lots of good stuff including Ramsay’s thoughts about TiVo being a part of a social change.

It’s apparent we’ve got this compelling consumer proposition. At the end of the day, it has to do with fact that people are discovering they can be in control of television and, more broadly, can be in control of their home entertainment. It’s not until you discover what you can do that you realize how much a slave you were to the old way.

Television has a bad rep, it’s kind of broken. When you have 500 channels and there’s nothing on, television is definitely broken. I think what TiVo has done is put people back in charge. And that’s a primal, important thing that people like as far as a social trend that’s far broader than television. And when you give them that empowerment, they get very excited and love it. And so you get a statement like, ‘It’s changed my life. I can never go back.’ That’s a huge motivator for us as a company.

“Life changing” is a big concept, but TiVo — like RSS — lives up to it. And I think we’re just beginning to understand how life changing this all can be.

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