Lessons from the french fry (fake) blog

The blogosphere is reacting with predictable anger at the McDonald’s fake blog for its Lincoln-shaped french fry spoof. Kevin Dugan says, “I’m not lovin’ it.”

There’s a lot of constructive criticism as well. Jarvis offers some, but the best is from Poynter’s Steve Outing:

It’s 2005, more than a decade into the commercialized Internet, and it’s unfortunate that we see so many companies that still don’t understand the online world — and try to use it to just as a one-way sales pitch. Repeat after me: The Internet is interactive! The Internet is interactive! …
Good point. McDonald’s missed a great opportunity here, but Outing’s message applies beyond this particular case. And for local media to thrive in the new paradigm, they must first acknowledge this truth.

RELEVANT QUOTE OF THE DAY: From Lloyd Braun, former chairman of the ABC Entertainment Television Group and now head of Yahoo! Media Group:

“If I knew what I know now when I was at ABC, I would have taken half my media budget and put it here [in online].”

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