LEGO memories

I was unemployed four times during my TV news career. Getting fired is a part of life in the world of news management; a world not unlike that of college athletics. A new guy or gal at the top generally means new lieutenants, and so it goes.

I always thought my epitaph should read: He was very good at looking for a job.

Absolutely, the worst part of unemployment in the news biz is the boredom, and one of the ways I used to fight boredom was with LEGO blocks. That’s right — I used to wile away the hours building elaborate structures with boxes of LEGO blocks. (This was before computer games and such). For me, it was the perfect boredom reducer — a creative outlet that gave me closure at the end of the day.

That’s why this item from the folks at Engadget caught my eye this morning. It seems LEGO has created a desktop application that lets the user create his or her own brick design.

You can take the designs you create using the LEGO Digital Designer software, upload them to the LEGO website, and actually order a kit of LEGO bricks that will make the design you spec’d out. Sweeeeet!
It kind of makes me wish I was out of a job.


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