Leave those nice rich people alone!

Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov

Writing for the Jerusalem Post, Vladimir Minkov, tells us that Christians and Jews need to come together for the betterment of the world (Mutual Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation of Judaism and Christianity). He writes that “we” should use the Ten Commandments to “promote and strengthen in the public place where the Jews and the Christians are working together for creating a better world for themselves and the others.” He then goes through each of the commandments, describing their appeal in promoting “the mutual values of life, family, compassionate righteousness, justice, inalienable freedom, universal love and ultimate world peace.”

I’m struck most by his understanding of the 10th commandment. You know, the one that deals with the mind and the desire for more. For Christians, this is the commandment that teaches how impossible it is for humans to actually keep them, for it deals with how we think.

Do not covet the wealth and possessions of the others who have more, and even much-much more, than you have. Theologically, everybody would agree with this. However, the Biblically forbidden coveting appears in many different forms such as condemning the wealth inequality, regulating the minimum wage, excessively taxing the wealthy people, accusing the Wall Street of robbing the Main Street. Asking the government to fix all that is using the government as the cover for your coveting. (emphasis mine)

What? In other words, stop all that fuss about the 1 percent and how they’ve become the defacto self-centered rulers of Western Civilization, just as the unrighteous lords, the barons, and the priests were in the 15th Century. Their gain comes at the expense of others, and “Thou shalt not steal” isn’t limited to legal definitions.

Good grief, no wonder the right is so very often wrong.

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