Landing pages: a solution for local mobile

the deer now have gunsLocal television stations and newspapers must become “ammunition business” companies in an era when the deer have guns. Everybody is a media company these days, and there’s a market in helping people and businesses get better at the business of media. In so doing, we move from competing with them to making money off their growth, and we think this is smart business.

For the past year, a friend of mine has been developing a tool to enable local media companies do just this: an HTML5 mobile landing page generator for agencies and media companies. I’m not suggesting there’s a lot of money in media companies designing mobile websites for people, but there is a significant market for landing pages for ads that run anywhere within our ad infrastructures and beyond. If we sell clickable ads, we need to also manage (for clients) the destination of those clicks. There’s nothing worse that an ad that clicks through to a basic HTML website on a mobile device. If advertisers offer people a clickable bargain — or some other incentive — it needs to load quickly and have the versatility to do what the advertiser wants done in an affordable way.

Christian GurneyThe ability to do this on behalf of advertisers is significant, and that’s what Mojaba does. Mojaba is the brain child of Christian Gurney. It’s not the first landing page software, but it was created so that non-technical people could generate the finished product. Gurney told me via email that the “back-end analytics go way beyond Google to show you the exact GPS coordinates of mobile users.”

With this product, you’re making a statement that the browser is where it’s at with mobile. Is that true?
We think that the early success of applications — especially on the iPhone — diverted attention from the fact that for 95% of businesses and organizations, mobile websites are the very best solution. Study after study shows that the mobile browser is one of the top three applications used by consumers on their phones.

What was the inspiration for this product?
I was amazed and frustrated by constantly being unable to find information about businesses when I was away from a computer. Especially when traveling: going through an airport with my bags and you just can’t pinch-and-zoom with one hand. So clearly as a user, the experience with desktop sites on my iPhone was bad. A Google study showing that 79% of websites have no mobile solution was the wake up call to the opportunity.

Why did you create a tool for agencies and media companies rather than going straight to the businesses who need HTML5 landing pages?
Mojaba is our first step in the conversation with agencies. Our long-term goal is to add products and services to remove a number of pain points for them when it comes to mobile marketing. The global shift to mobile being the conduit for people to get information from the web is undeniable. Through our services and support, we hope to earn the right to become the agencies’ best friend for mobile. If we can do that, we think we can have a strong business that provides true value.

Mojaba is a smart addition to any local media company’s portfolio, because the more we are able to provide “ammunition” to those in the market with the audience hunting guns, the greater our value in the new marketplace.


  1. this was really cool, a very good solution for the local mobile publicity


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