LA Times (finally) launches its branded reader

Called “NewsPoint,” the reader delivers on many levels and sets the standard for mainstream media company branded aggregators. It has both desktop and browser applications, and I find it easy to personalize and highly functional. It comes preloaded with Times content, but like any of the Ajax personalization engines, you can easily tweak everything.

I loaded the WKRN-TV local news feed, and the unbundled videos are there and play easily in a browser window. This beats the USAToday branded start page, which doesn’t include enclosures in imported RSS feeds.

What’s not to like about this?

And here’s the thing. Ads are positioned between feed items, so the revenue potential is significant. Moreover, the Times has put Media 2.0 technology companies on notice that they intend to be competitive in a space that used to belong only to them. This is contrary to the reader strategies of the NYT and WSJ, both of which have opted more for customization of their content than RSS.

Bravo, LA Times! Well done.

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