Kodak, The Winds of Change

This is one of the funniest things I have seen in ages, and my hat’s off to whoever produced it. It is of such quality that it may indeed be a Kodak viral spot. Regardless, it tells the story of the beleaguered company so well, that I’m probably going to use it in my presentations from now on. Get ready to laugh out loud.

UPDATE: This was indeed produced by Kodak, according to AdAge.

“You’d never expect it from Kodak,” said Betty Noonan, Kodak director and VP-brand management, talking about the video’s appeal and popularity. “Kodak has been very narrowly defined — broadly represented as a brand, but narrowly defined.”

“Kodak has been puppies and balloons and families and birthday parties and God bless us all. It’s defined the brand for 100 years and done a wonderful job. But we have to look at puppies and balloons and those visual cues a bit differently,” she said. “We want to keep what defined the brand, but we need to make it relevant to what’s happening out there today.”

Smart. Very, very smart.


  1. I’m the talent appearing in the video. Thanks for your kind words. Now let’s see if this effective message can move past a rather limited You Tube viral audience.

  2. ooh — and we’re the talent in this http://www.inkisit.com

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